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Opportunities for Liberating and Developing your Potential 
Women and Girls for careers in the built environment

Committee membership

We are striving to make committee membership a community currency and an integral part of who we are as a charity. We believe in the ethics of community currency,which is not just about money but about supporting and helping SMEs support each other financially by lending and receiving credit, goods and services within the currency network.

Community Currency

It is a prerequesite that individuals and organisations who are commissioned by OLDP be compassionate about the work of the charity and be committed to the ethics of community currency .Our Board is working towards incorporating the principles of community currency with committee membership.
The Bristol Pound is a well known example of community currency.

Committee members

Committee members are compassionate about the work of the charity, they support the charity and advise the Charity's Board members about the communities in which it works. Committee members are unencumbered invitees with no legal responsibilities or obligations nor any voting rights. 


Committee members may be offered :

1. Networking invitation to 2 committee meetings including the AGM
2. Subsidised meeting space hire at Quayside Tower
3. Access to cash credit (Subject to terms)
4. Subsidised offer of paint from the “Don’t skip it” project.

"On the positive side the organisation entered the current crisis in a relatively strong financial position...................the organisation’s two primary sources of income represent “trading” in two areas, namely recycling and painting/decoration/re-design services offered through Project Deborah, have been severely impacted by the movement restrictions" BVSC 

Some of our supporters


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